Java Application certificates 
WEEK 50: JMMC's java applications are signed but 2013-2016's certificate will expire at the end of the year. Each applications will be redeployed and signed again. Please contact the user support if anything goes wrong.

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Ouverture concours CNAP 2017 
Le concours cnap 2017 est ouvert! La proposition de tache de service du JMMC est en ligne.

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Network downtime on Tuesday, 16 Aug 2016 12:00 - 14:00 CEST 
On tuesday, 16 Aug 2016, the Grenoble University Network should be upgraded. A downtime should occur from 12h00 to 14h00 CEST. Please apologize for the maintenance outage. Contact the user support for any issue.
(First notification on 11 Aug has been delayed)

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DNS upgrade 

We are changing our registrar for the domains and
The schedule was not known and the DNS resolution failed during more than 24h :-( .

Please report your problems so we can focus and prioritize reliability improvements.

Thanks to the RENATER organization, the JMMC will use secured and trusted certificates for https protocols and java application signature in the coming months.

The JMMC technical team

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Release of the first version of the Optical Interferometry DataBase (OiDB) 
We are very happy to announce that the first version of the Optical interferometry DataBase (OiDB) is now ready for operations!

The current version contains a large sample of PIONIER observations (all calibrated OIFITS since 2011), the data from 8 vizier catalogs, and several years of CHARA observation logs (CLIMB, CLASSIC, VEGA). The database is continuously updated with new observations.
We hope you will find this portal convenient to share and look for reduced/published data.

Feedback form can be found in the "Help" menu of the top navigation bar.
Please do not hesitate to comment on anything, e.g. any problem you might have with the submission of your data, the user manual, aesthetics of the portal, etc. It is important for us to know that the portal is nice to use and that the data search and submission are clear and straightforward.
We encourage you to try the interoperability features that allow you to explore your data with OIFits Explorer or TOPCAT, or do some modeling with LITPro.

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PIONIER Data Reduction Software distribution page 
A new entry dedicated to the PIONIER Data Reduction Software has been added to the Data Processing section of the JMMC website.

Users can get the PNDRS package from

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New OiVAL version 
The JMMC OIFits Validator has been refactored to share the same OIFits code with the OiDB. You can now get an overview of various granules embedded in your OIFits.

Please visit it's web page to check your data and feel free to give a feedback.

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Bug fix on the online OIFits Validator 
OiVal has been improved to display the full information on Safari and Chrome browsers.
Please contact the JMMC User Support for any web related issue.

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Java security updates : JMMC applications will be resigned with a trusted certificate 
Due to a forthcoming security-enforced Java update that will block untrusted applications, our applications are in the process of being resigned with a trusted certificate from “Universite Grenoble I Joseph Fourier”. Please stay tuned and contact us if needed!

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New V3.0.7 release for AmberDrs  
This release comes with major fixes (on recent linux ) and some configuration updates. Please read the release note for more details.

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