Change for the java application deployement 
JMMC application are deployed using Java Web Start to automatically guarantee that users have the latest version. We recommend to follow this just getting the software from the green dowload button of their associeted web page.

From now, you can get JAR files if you can't run JMMC application with java web start, but you will have to fill the form so we can track and notify users that could run bugged applications.

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JMMC Services may be off-line from 6PM to 11PM CET on Thursday, April 25th 
The Grenoble university will update its IT infrastructure from 6PM to 11PM CET on Thursday, April 25th. During this operation, you may will not be able to reach the JMMC servers.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please contact us for any remark or question.

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New V3.0.6 release for AmberDrs  
This release comes with major fixes and some configuration updates. Please read the release note for more details.

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New V3.0.5 release for AmberDrs  
This minor release has no new feature but fixes a compilation problem on MacOS and provides a binary package for Mountain Lion.
In the meantime, the user manual has been updated with a new paragraph on spectal shifts.

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Simplified process to submit new bad calibrators 
You can now submit new bad calibrators without any account or password. You just need to feel the form and confirm your entry with the confirmation url sent by email.

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CDS mirrors will be used during the CDS services outage on Wednesday June 13th 
To reduce the dependency to the main cds center in France, new Aspro2 and SearchCal releases are available with an enhanced star resolver which automatically switches between simbad mirrors. The SearchCal server has been configured to use one Vizier mirror.

original cds outage news

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2 hours service outage 
Today we have experienced one DNS outage from 13:00 to 15:00 (UTC) . Apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

If you still encounter some problem, please contact the user support!

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End of one web server service outage 
One web server hosted at Observatoire de Grenoble was off during the last two weeks. You may get problem accessing some resources. It is now up. If you still encounter some problem to get anything related to JMMC content, just contact the user support!

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CDS Outage 
Dear all,

As posted today on the CDS RSS feed, they encounter some technical issues preventing them to provide SIMBAD and Vizier services as usual.

As SearchCal, and somewhat ASPRO, rely on those services, we are not able to fulfill queries for the time being.

Rest assured the (great) CDS team is doing all its best to get back up !

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Negative visibilities at the edge of the bands 
Question: "For some channels from the beginning of the band,
I get visibility values far away from where we would expect them and in many
cases they have negative values​​. What is happening?"

Answer: The strange visibilities are usually at the very beginning of the K band, where there is some contamination by the H band (meaning that the fringe pattern given by the P2VM cannot be reliable). You should restrict your domain to a smaller wavelength range. Checking the P2VM with amdlibShowP2VM would be a good idea to see the possible overlap.

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