Web site update 
- The list of partners has been updated because the LAOG and LPG merged to become IPAG.

- Some statistics showing the location of downloads/uses have been made publics.

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Besoins futurs en tâches de service 
Consulter la mise à jour 2011 sur la page dédiée...

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Short interruption of services on Friday 3 Dec morning (7-8 AM Grenoble time) 
The main application server has to be moved and will be temporary unavailable. Moreover, the web site should be alive.
We are sorry for the inconvenience.

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Short service interruptions 
We are preparing some maintenance tasks onto our servers. This can involve some interruptions. If your preferred service does not properly respond, do not hesitate to contact the user support.

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Power outage II 
We regret for the second service interruption due to the very long power outage we encountered since monday the 27th of September. We anticipate that this situation could still hold for a few days more...

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Power outage 
On electrical power outage occured this morning in the main building of the Observatory of Grenoble. Some generator will be installed. But thanks to the university and local sysadmins, we have moved the machines in one server room backed up with one electrical generator.

Please apologize for the interruption. Feel free to contact the support for any inconvenience.

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Pre release of the Aspro2 
Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the availability on the JMMC webpage of a pre-release version of Aspro2, our new observation preparation software.

Aspro2 provides the user with a highly dynamic graphical interface, does not depend on any network connection to work, and has sufficient new interesting features (such as creating Observing Blocks for VLTI and CHARA, or its ability to save/restore your work in progress), that we consider it would be useful to share it with you, even if it is still a work in progress.

A feature comparison between Aspro software versions is also available on the JMMC webpage to see main differences : for example, Aspro 2 does not have a visibility explorer yet.

As usual, we will be more than happy to get comments and/or bugs, especially through the new feedback mechanism present in Aspro2.

Best regards,

On the behalf of the JMMC Aspro Group,
Gilles Duvert & Laurent Bourgès

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Aspro updated to Period 87 values 
As the title says, Aspro (one should say 'old Aspro', since Aspro2 is now in prerelease) has been updated to cope with baselines, limiting magnitudes, etc... described in the ESO call for Proposal for Period 87. It retains however the previous setups back to period 84.
Gilles Duvert

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New database of publications 
In addition to the list of papers handled by Olbin, you can get the list of papers which cite the JMMC

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amdlib V3 released 
Dear colleagues,

On behalf of the JMMC AMBER data reduction working group, I am pleased to announce the release of the version 3.0 of the AMBER data processing package.

You can find it on the JMMC website at: http://www.jmmc.fr/amberdrs together with an installation guide, a user's manual and demo data/script.

This release contains major modifications of the C-library which implements the AMBER optimized data reduction by Chelli, Hernandez Utrera, and Duvert (2009, A&A 502, 705). The release notes are available at this address:
http://www-laog.obs.ujf-grenoble.fr/twi ... _wrt_versi

The Yorick interface has evolved to be more user-friendly with a default data processing procedure. The User's Manual has been updated and contains most of the information needed by beginners.

If you have any question related to this AMBER Data Reduction Software release, please contact the JMMC User's Support

We wish you all the best,

F. Malbet, G. Duvert, F. Millour, J.-B. Le Bouquin, G. Mella

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