New OiFits file validator. 
The OI-FITS format is commonly used to store data provided by optical interferometers. The OIVAL service is intended to check the validity of OI-FITS files relative to IAU standard.
The tool provides information about an input file, especially if this one isn't compliant with the norm, with different levels of granularity. It checks:
  • Mandatory HDU presence
  • Format and unit of HDU content
  • Cross referencing

Visit the application page.

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Evelyne Altariba leaves the JMMC 
After 3 years of fruitful collaboration on AMBER, WIZARD and OIVAL, Evelyne is moving on other subjects. We thank her again for all the good work, and hope she will enojoy her new position !

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amdlib v3 released for beta-testers 
On friday Oct 17, amdlib v3.0-Beta1 has been distributed to the beta-tester group. This is a major change in the amber DRS software. More onthe releases page.

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What is the maximum size of the queried area ? 
The maximum size is:
- 240 minutes for RA range;
- 30 degrees for DEC range.

By the way, no bigger values can be entered in the query fields !

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What is the main AMBERDRS web page? 
Visit You will also find other external urls to get more informations about AMBER.

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What is the main SearchCal web page? 

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What is the main ASPRO web page? 

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The JMMC Web site uses the RSS technology 
The JMMC web site adopts new tools to give access to news. You will be informed of:
  • general annoucements
  • software informations
You can also subscribe to all of this informations using RSS feeds
Contact JMMC user support if you have any question or feedback concerning this news service.

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Java client update 
The newly installed version of Aspro Java Client fixes:
  • a graphical layout problem for Mac OS X users
  • a file browser problem for authenticated users
  • a unit problem in the SearchCal research box

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What is the main LITpro web page?  

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