Pre release of the Aspro2 
Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the availability on the JMMC webpage of a pre-release version of Aspro2, our new observation preparation software.

Aspro2 provides the user with a highly dynamic graphical interface, does not depend on any network connection to work, and has sufficient new interesting features (such as creating Observing Blocks for VLTI and CHARA, or its ability to save/restore your work in progress), that we consider it would be useful to share it with you, even if it is still a work in progress.

A feature comparison between Aspro software versions is also available on the JMMC webpage to see main differences : for example, Aspro 2 does not have a visibility explorer yet.

As usual, we will be more than happy to get comments and/or bugs, especially through the new feedback mechanism present in Aspro2.

Best regards,

On the behalf of the JMMC Aspro Group,
Gilles Duvert & Laurent Bourgès

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Aspro updated to Period 87 values 
As the title says, Aspro (one should say 'old Aspro', since Aspro2 is now in prerelease) has been updated to cope with baselines, limiting magnitudes, etc... described in the ESO call for Proposal for Period 87. It retains however the previous setups back to period 84.
Gilles Duvert

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Aspro released for Proposals of period 85 

ASPRO has been updated to fulfill the new ESO Call for Proposals Period 85, in particular regarding the new set of baselines offered for this period.

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Bug fix into the new Java GUI of Aspro 
The Java GUI of Aspro has been updated to fix two bugs of the file transfert panel:
- Mac OS X users can now copy local file onto the jmmc server;
- Windows users can now copy remote files which contain colon caracters.
Only registered users can use this function.
Visit Aspro web page

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Java client update 
The newly installed version of Aspro Java Client fixes:
  • a graphical layout problem for Mac OS X users
  • a file browser problem for authenticated users
  • a unit problem in the SearchCal research box

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Aspro released for Proposals of period 83 
ASPRO has been updated to fulfill the new ESO Call for Proposals Period 83

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