New OiVAL version 
The JMMC OIFits Validator has been refactored to share the same OIFits code with the OiDB. You can now get an overview of various granules embedded in your OIFits.

Please visit it's web page to check your data and feel free to give a feedback.

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Bug fix on the online OIFits Validator 
OiVal has been improved to display the full information on Safari and Chrome browsers.
Please contact the JMMC User Support for any web related issue.

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Web page update of the oifits repository 
The oifits repository has one new layout. You can get more informations on every oifits files. Visit

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New OiFits file validator. 
The OI-FITS format is commonly used to store data provided by optical interferometers. The OIVAL service is intended to check the validity of OI-FITS files relative to IAU standard.
The tool provides information about an input file, especially if this one isn't compliant with the norm, with different levels of granularity. It checks:
  • Mandatory HDU presence
  • Format and unit of HDU content
  • Cross referencing

Visit the application page.

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