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Welcome to the JMMC developper account management page

This page gives informations to the JMMC working group members on the way to get collaborative tools accounts.
For any remark or problem concerning this service or configuration, feel free to contact the JMMC User Support.

Collaborative tools

You can access the two collaborative tools Twiki and trac using the Twiki account (FirstnameLastname form).

Please check that you are listed in the user list and in the JMMC group to get proper access to twiki and trac.

SVN account ( in production since january 2011)

This form allow JMMC members to set/change their svn password. Please fill the following form and reply to the mail you will get to confirm your request. You will be notified by email as soon as your account as been properly configured on the machine.

Preferred login: We recommend short login form (8 char max eg: gmella).
The best solution should be to use your default login (check the value of $USER variable in one terminal)
. If you get one cvs account, the associated login form should be ok.
Confirm password: